Rod Patrick Risbrook

Filmmaker & Photographer

Is an independent film professional focused on the cinematography and directing aspects of film production work. He has worked with 16mm film and currently hi-def digital video. The body of accomplished work includes writing, producing, editing and directing an experimental still photography film called TWO; working on independent feature films such as Single Hills and Let’s Stay Together; music video shoots for an independent film tie-in; rotating technical assignments (technical director, robotics [camera] and audio mixer) for various studio broadcast shows; and produced an HIV/AIDS awareness humanitarian project in the form of a PSA (public service announcement) video for strategic targeted viewership on the Internet for which he served as cinematographer, co-producer, co-storyboarder, co-editor, and co-director.

Additional skill sets are as a sound technician (boom mic andfield mixer) and post-production editing utilizing Adobe Production Premium NLE software.

He is currently working on a documentary film which focuses on the lives of Black same gender loving men from an organization called ADODI.

Rod Discusses His Work

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