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Divination Instructor Spiritual Teacher Ritual DJ Spiritual Seeker Sacred Community Builder Master Practitioner of Neuro Design Engineering Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Transformational Coach Master Hypnotist Advanced Neuro Design E Practitioner Ericksonian Hypnotist Transformational Coach Practioner of Transformational NLP

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Rituals Water Earth Wind Mountain Nature Fire Ancestral Ceremonies Weddings Outdooring Training’s The Journey of the SpiritTech The Art of Divination Workshops Nine Gates of our Existence We are born to experience. How we experience is through the nine gates. Come discover the nine gates and get a basic understanding…

Reminiscences of a Spiritual Technologist!

This page peeks into a snippet of Alwyn’s spiritual journey and how his gifts manifested early in life and led him on his current path today! We imagine that you, our online community might see a bit of yourself in Alwyn’s story. Enjoy! I was born in the U.S. Virgin…


Is an intuitive healer and spiritualist. Alwyn is the founder and CEO of The Spiritual Technology Corp., which is an organization created to bring modern spiritual technology to people, communities, and corporations. As an expert lecturer, Alwyn conducts informational workshops and trainings throughout the United States. These sessions are part…

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